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About Us

Who are we? 

A group of 2022 Leadership La Plata (LLP) students participated in a workshop on state and local education funding in Colorado and Durango 9R. During the workshop, speakers from all areas of local education provided detailed information on the current education funding crises.  We felt compelled to find a way to support local teachers and make a meaningful change.

What are we doing about it?


We want to raise awareness in the community, educate residents how we got here, and then build partnerships that can create a long-term sustainable solution to increase teacher wages. 


Our initial plan -

  • Build a partnership between local education non-profits and local business owners

  • Raise awareness in the community and groundswell to effect change

  • Create a Roundup Campaign with Local Durango Businesses that allows Local Residents to donate their change toward helping local teachers get paid a living wage.

How did Colorado get here?

Colorado has fiscal handcuffs created by the passing of the Gallagher Amendment in 1982 and the Tabor Amendment in 1992, compounded by the mandated deep cuts in 2008 during the Great Recession and the authorization of the Budget Stabilization Factor in 2010. 

Because of these laws, the Colorado Government was unable to adjust how the budget was spent and was mandated to refund excesses… leaving the state schools underfunded and in a dire situation.

Our Goals

Value and sustainability

for our community

Increase wages for 

Teachers to improve retention

Help our community thrive, not just survive

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